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  Family Anguinidae

Genus Ditylenchus

    Species D. acutatus
    Species D. africanus
    Species D. angustus
    Species D. ausafi
    Species D. australiae
    Species D. bacillifer
    Species D. beljaevae
    Species D. bilqeesae
    Species D. brassicae
    Species D. brevicauda
    Species D. cafeicola
    Species D. caudatus
    Species D. chaerophyllum
    Species D. clarus
    Species D. clavicaudatus
    Species D. convallariae
    Species D. cyperi
    Species D. darbouxi
    Species D. dauniae
    Species D. deiridus
    Species D. destructor
    Species D. dipsaci
    Species D. dipsacoideus
    Species D. domesticus
    Species D. drepanocercus
    Species D. dryadis
    Species D. elegans
    Species D. emus
    Species D. equalis
    Species D. exilis
    Species D. filenchulus
    Species D. filicauda
    Species D. filimus
    Species D. flagellicauda
    Species D. geraerti
    Species D. humili
    Species D. inobservabilis
    Species D. intermedius
    Species D. istatae
    Species D. karakalpakensis
    Species D. kischkeae
    Species D. leptosoma
    Species D. longicauda
    Species D. longimatricalis
    Species D. medicaginis
    Species D. melongena
    Species D. microdens
    Species D. minutus
    Species D. mirus
    Species D. myceliophagus
    Species D. nanus
    Species D. nortoni
    Species D. obesus
    Species D. parcevivens
    Species D. parvus
    Species D. procerus
    Species D. pumilus
    Species D. sibiricus
    Species D. silvaticus
    Species D. solani
    Species D. sorghii
    Species D. sparari
    Species D. sycobius
    Species D. taleolus
    Species D. tausaghyzatus
    Species D. tenuidens
    Species D. terricola
    Species D. triformis
    Species D. tulaganovi
    Species D. valveus
    Species D. virtudesae

Taxon Information

The Genus Ditylenchus has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Ditylenchus, (De Ley et al., 2006).
  • Ditylenchus, "A large genus, about 30 species, sometimes aquatic, usually terrestrial" (Chitwood & Allen, 1959).


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  • Chitwood, B.G. & M.W. Allen. 1959. Nemata. [in] W.T. Edmondson (ed.). Ward & Whipple Fresh-Water Biology, 2nd edition: 368-401.

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