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  Suborder Cytherocopina

Superfamily Cytheroidea

    Family Cytherideidae -- Wisconsin!
    Family Entocytheridae -- Wisconsin!
    Family Limnocytheridae -- Wisconsin!
    Family Cytheridae -- North America.
    Family Cytheruridae -- North America.
    Family Leptocytheridae -- North America.
    Family Loxoconchidae -- North America.
    Family Xestoleberididae -- North America.
    Family Hemicytheridae
    Family Kliellidae
    Genus Romeis
    Family Australocytherideidae
    Family Bonaducecytheridae
    Family Buntoniidae
    Family Bythocytheridae
    Family Cobanocytheridae
    Family Cuneocytheridae
    Family Cushmanideidae
    Family Cytheralisonidae
    Family Cytherettidae
    Family Cytheromatidae
    Family Eucytheridae
    Family Krithidae
    Family Microcytheridae
    Family Neocytherideidae
    Family Osticytheridae
    Family Paracytheridae
    Family Paracytherideidae
    Family Paradoxostomatidae
    Family Parvocytheridae
    Family Pectocytheridae
    Family Progonocytheridae
    Family Protocytheridae
    Family Psammocytheridae
    Family Saididae
    Family Schizocytheridae
    Family Speluncellidae
    Family Thaerocytheridae
    Family Trachyleberididae

Taxon Information

The Superfamily Cytheroidea has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from Wisconsin.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Cytheroidea, (Martens & Savatenalinton, 2011).
  • Cytheroidea, [North America] (Smith & Delorme, 2010).
  • Cytheracea, (Kitchell & Clark, 1979).


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  • Kitchell, J.A. & D.L. Clark. 1979. Distribution, ecology, and taxonomy of Recent freshwater Ostracoda of Lake Mendota, Wisconsin. Publication of the Natural History Council, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1. 24 pp. [Available online]

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