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Phylum Nematomorpha (horsehair worms, gordian worms)

Members of the Phylum Nematomorpha -- also known as horsehair worms or gordian worms -- are larval parasites on terrestrial insects or, in the case of one genus, a marine crab. Eighteen species are currently recognized from the freshwaters of North America, although the actual species richness is estimated to be 10x that (Poinar, 2008).

Adult gordian worms superficially resemble very long (10-30 cm) nematodes, but nematomorphs are morphologically distinct. For example, these worms have a highly reduced gut with no mouth! Sexes are generally separate.


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Classification of Freshwater Taxa

Only taxa found in North America are listed. Formatting indicates if they are known (to us) from North America, the midwestern states or Wisconsin.

Kingdom Animalia [details]
Subkingdom Eumetazoa [details]
clade Bilateria [details]
clade Protostomia [details]
Superphylum Ecdysozoa [details]
Phylum Nematomorpha (horsehair worms, gordian worms) [details]
  .   Class Gordioida [details]
  .    .   Order Chordodea [details]
  .    .    .   Family Chordodidae (+ Spinochordodidae, + Chordodiolinae) [details]
  .    .    .    .   Genus Chordodes [details]
  .    .    .    .    .   Species C. morgani [detail]
  .    .    .    .   Genus Euchordodes, Neochordodes, Pantachordodes, Pseudochordodes
  .    .    .   Family Paragordiidae [details]
  .    .    .    .   Genus Paragordius [details]
  .    .    .    .    .   Species P. varius [detail]
  .    .    .   Family Parachordodidae [details]
  .    .    .    .   Genus Gordionus, Parachordodes
  .    .   Order Gordea [details]
  .    .    .   Family Gordiidae [details]
  .    .    .    .   Genus Gordius [details]
  .    .    .    .    .   Species G. difficilis, G. robustus

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