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  Subclass Hydroidolina

Order Anthoathecata (+ Athecata, + Anthomedusae)

    Suborder Aplanulata -- Wisconsin!
    Suborder Filifera -- midwestern North America.
    Suborder Capitata

Taxon Information

The Order Anthoathecata has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from Wisconsin.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Anthoathecata, (Pechenik, 2015).
  • Anthomedusae, (Pechenik, 2015).
  • Anthoathecata, "approximately 1,140 valid species" (Daly et al., 2007).
  • Athecata, (Jankowski, 2001).
  • Anthomedusae, (Jankowski, 2001).


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