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  Family Porcellionidae

Genus Porcellionides

    Species P. pruinosus -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. advena
    Species P. almanus
    Species P. altarum
    Species P. anatolicus
    Species P. antalyensis
    Species P. approximatus
    Species P. argentinus
    Species P. asifensis
    Species P. aternanus
    Species P. atlanticus
    Species P. barroisi
    Species P. bermudezi
    Species P. breviramus
    Species P. brunneus
    Species P. buddelundi
    Species P. capensis
    Species P. chilensis
    Species P. cilicius
    Species P. cingendus
    Species P. coxalis
    Species P. cyprius
    Species P. dalmatinus
    Species P. delattini
    Species P. depressionum
    Species P. divergens
    Species P. extinctus
    Species P. fagei
    Species P. floria
    Species P. frontosus
    Species P. fuegiensis
    Species P. fuscomarmoratus
    Species P. ghigii
    Species P. glaber
    Species P. habanensis
    Species P. instinctus
    Species P. istanbulensis
    Species P. jacksoni
    Species P. lacteolus
    Species P. laevigatus
    Species P. lepineyi
    Species P. linearis
    Species P. lusitanorum
    Species P. meridionalis
    Species P. minutissimus
    Species P. mirabilis
    Species P. molleri
    Species P. myrmecophilus
    Species P. myrmicidarum
    Species P. nigricans
    Species P. nigrobrunneus
    Species P. nitidus
    Species P. olivarum
    Species P. orientalis
    Species P. parcus
    Species P. parvulus
    Species P. peregrinus
    Species P. phaleronensis
    Species P. philoscoides
    Species P. pica
    Species P. politulus
    Species P. reticulorum
    Species P. rogoulti
    Species P. rufocinctus
    Species P. sabuleti
    Species P. saussurei
    Species P. schwencki
    Species P. sexfasciatus
    Species P. simplex
    Species P. simrothi
    Species P. sorrentinus
    Species P. steini
    Species P. stricticauda
    Species P. subterraneus
    Species P. swammerdami
    Species P. tingitanus
    Species P. trifasciatus
    Species P. variabilis
    Species P. virescens
    Species P. virgatus
    Species P. viridis

Taxon Information

The Genus Porcellionides is not recorded from fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from midwestern states of North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Porcellionides, [North Central United States] (Underhill et al., 1982).


  • Underhill, J.C., W.D. Schmid & D.E. Gilbertson. 1982. Taxonomic Keys to the Common Animals of the North Central States, exclusive of the parasitic worms, terrestrial insects, and birds, 4th edition. 205 pp.

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