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  Superfamily Potamoidea

Family Potamidae

    Genus Geothelphusa -- North America.
    Genus Acanthopotamon
    Genus Acartiapotamon
    Genus Alcomon
    Genus Allopotamon
    Genus Amamiku
    Genus Aparapotamon
    Genus Apotamonautes
    Genus Artopotamon
    Genus Aspermon
    Genus Badistemon
    Genus Beccumon
    Genus Bottapotamon
    Genus Candidiopotamon
    Genus Carpomon
    Genus Cerberusa
    Genus Chinapotamon
    Genus Cryptopotamon
    Genus Daipotamon
    Genus Dalatomon
    Genus Demanietta
    Genus Doimon
    Genus Dromothelphusa
    Genus Eosamon
    Genus Erebusa
    Genus Esanpotamon
    Genus Flabellamon
    Genus Hainanpotamon
    Genus Heterochelamon
    Genus Himalayapotamon
    Genus Huananpotamon
    Genus Ibanum
    Genus Indochinamon
    Genus Inlethelphusa
    Genus Insulamon
    Genus Iomon
    Genus Isolapotamon
    Genus Johora
    Genus Kanpotamon
    Genus Kukrimon
    Genus Lacunipotamon
    Genus Laevimon
    Genus Larnaudia
    Genus Latopotamon
    Genus Lobothelphusa
    Genus Lophopotamon
    Genus Malayopotamon
    Genus Mediapotamon
    Genus Megacephalomon
    Genus Mindoron
    Genus Minpotamon
    Genus Nanhaipotamon
    Genus Neilupotamon
    Genus Nemoron
    Genus Neolarnaudia
    Genus Neotiwaripotamon
    Genus Ovitamon
    Genus Parapotamon
    Genus Parapotamonoides
    Genus Pararanguna
    Genus Paratelphusula
    Genus Parvuspotamon
    Genus Phaibulamon
    Genus Pilosamon
    Genus Planumon
    Genus Potamiscus
    Genus Potamon
    Genus Pudaengon
    Genus Pupamon
    Genus Qiangpotamon
    Genus Quadramon
    Genus Rathbunamon
    Genus Ryukyum
    Genus Setosamon
    Genus Shanphusa
    Genus Sinolapotamon
    Genus Sinopotamon
    Genus Socotra
    Genus Socotrapotamon
    Genus Stelomon
    Genus Stoliczia
    Genus Takpotamon
    Genus Tenuilapotamon
    Genus Tenuipotamon
    Genus Teretamon
    Genus Terrapotamon
    Genus Thaiphusa
    Genus Thaipotamon
    Genus Tiwaripotamon
    Genus Tomaculamon
    Genus Trichopotamon
    Genus Vadosapotamon
    Genus Vietopotamon
    Genus Villopotamon
    Genus Yarepotamon

Taxon Information

The Family Potamidae has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

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