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  Order Bathynellacea

Family Parabathynellidae

    Genus Califobathynella -- North America.
    Genus Californibathynella -- North America.
    Genus Hexabathynella -- North America.
    Genus Iberobathynella -- North America.
    Genus Texanobathynella -- North America.
    Genus Acanthobathynella
    Genus Afrobathynella
    Genus Allobathynella
    Genus Arisubathynella
    Genus Atopobathynella
    Genus Batubathynella
    Genus Billibathynella
    Genus Brasilibathynella
    Genus Brevisomabathynella
    Genus Chilibathynella
    Genus Cteniobathynella
    Genus Ctenophallonella
    Genus Eobathynella
    Genus Guadalopebathynella
    Genus Habrobathynella
    Genus Haplophallonella
    Genus Heterodontobathynella
    Genus Hexaiberobathynella
    Genus Issykkulibathynella
    Genus Kimberleybathynella
    Genus Lamtobathynella
    Genus Leptobathynella
    Genus Montanabathynella
    Genus Nilobathynella
    Genus Nipponbathynella
    Genus Noodtibathynella
    Genus Notobathynella
    Genus Nunubathynella
    Genus Octobathynella
    Genus Odontobathynella
    Genus Onychobathynella
    Genus Parabathynella
    Genus Paraeobathynella
    Genus Paraiberobathynella
    Genus Parvulobathynella
    Genus Psalidobathynella
    Genus Racovitzaibathynella
    Genus Sabahbathynella
    Genus Siambathynella
    Genus Sinobathynella
    Genus Sketinella
    Genus Thermobathynella

Taxon Information

The Family Parabathynellidae has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Parabathynellidae, [North America] (Covich et al., 2010).
  • Parabathynellidae, [Palearctic, Nearctic, Neotropical, Afrotropical, Oriental, Australasian; 128 species in 39 genera worldwide, 8 Nearctic species in 4 genera] (Camacho & Valdecasas, 2008).


  • Covich, A.P., J.H. Thorp & D.C. Rogers. 2010. Introduction to the Subphylum Crustacea. [in] J.H. Thorp & A.P. Covich (eds.). Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates, 3rd edition: 695-723.
  • Camacho, A.I. & A.G. Valdecasas. 2008. Global diversity of syncarids (Syncarida; Crustacea) in freshwater. Hydrobiologia 595: 257-266. [Available online]

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