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  Superfamily Bopyroidea

Family Bopyridae

    Genus Probopyrus -- North America.
    Genus Acrobelione
    Genus Albunione
    Genus Allathelges
    Genus Allobopyrus
    Genus Allodiplophryxus
    Genus Allokepon
    Genus Allorbimorphus
    Genus Anacepon
    Genus Anathelges
    Genus Anchiarthrus
    Genus Anisarthrus
    Genus Anisorbione
    Genus Anomophryxus
    Genus Anuropodione
    Genus Apocepon
    Genus Apophrixus
    Genus Aporobopyrina
    Genus Aporobopyroides
    Genus Aporobopyrus
    Genus Argeia
    Genus Argeiopsis
    Genus Astalione
    Genus Asymmetrione
    Genus Asymmetrorbione
    Genus Athelges
    Genus Atypocepon
    Genus Azygopleon
    Genus Balanopleon
    Genus Bathione
    Genus Bathygyge
    Genus Bopyrella
    Genus Bopyrina
    Genus Bopyrinella
    Genus Bopyrinina
    Genus Bopyrione
    Genus Bopyriscus
    Genus Bopyrissa
    Genus Bopyroides
    Genus Bopyrophryxus
    Genus Bopyrosa
    Genus Bopyrus
    Genus Cancricepon
    Genus Carcinione
    Genus Cardiocepon
    Genus Castrione
    Genus Cataphryxus
    Genus Coxalione
    Genus Cryptobopyrus
    Genus Dactylokepon
    Genus Dicropleon
    Genus Diplophryxus
    Genus Entophilus
    Genus Eophrixus
    Genus Epicepon
    Genus Epipenaeon
    Genus Epiphrixus
    Genus Eragia
    Genus Ergyne
    Genus Eriphrixus
    Genus Falsanathelges
    Genus Filophryxus
    Genus Galathocrypta
    Genus Gareia
    Genus Gigantione
    Genus Goleathopseudione
    Genus Grapsicepon
    Genus Gyge
    Genus Hemiarthrus
    Genus Hemicepon
    Genus Hemiphryxus
    Genus Heterocepon
    Genus Hypercepon
    Genus Hyperphrixus
    Genus Hypocepon
    Genus Hypoperphrixus
    Genus Hypophryxus
    Genus Ione
    Genus Ionella
    Genus Kepon
    Genus Kolourione
    Genus Leidya
    Genus Litobopyrus
    Genus Lobocepon
    Genus Loki
    Genus Mediophrixus
    Genus Megacepon
    Genus Mesocepon
    Genus Mesophryxus
    Genus Metacepon
    Genus Metaphrixus
    Genus Minicopenaeon
    Genus Minimathelges
    Genus Miophrixus
    Genus Munidion
    Genus Nikione
    Genus Ogyridione
    Genus Onychocepon
    Genus Orbimorphus
    Genus Orbione
    Genus Orophryxus
    Genus Orthione
    Genus Ovobopyrus
    Genus Pagurion
    Genus Palaemonellione
    Genus Parabopyrella
    Genus Parabopyriscus
    Genus Parabopyrus
    Genus Paracepon
    Genus Paragigantione
    Genus Parapagurion
    Genus Parapenaeon
    Genus Parapenaeonella
    Genus Paraphrixus
    Genus Parapleurocrypta
    Genus Parapleurocryptella
    Genus Parargeia
    Genus Parasymmetrione
    Genus Parathelges
    Genus Parione
    Genus Parionella
    Genus Parionina
    Genus Parioninella
    Genus Pauperella
    Genus Phryxus
    Genus Phyllodurus
    Genus Pleurocrypta
    Genus Pleurocryptella
    Genus Pleurocryptina
    Genus Pontobopyrus
    Genus Portunicepon
    Genus Probopyria
    Genus Probopyrinella
    Genus Probopyrione
    Genus Probynia
    Genus Procepon
    Genus Progebiophilus
    Genus Propseudione
    Genus Prosynsynella
    Genus Pseudione
    Genus Pseudionella
    Genus Pseudostegias
    Genus Rhopalione
    Genus Schizobopyrina
    Genus Scyracepon
    Genus Shiinoella
    Genus Stegias
    Genus Stegoalpheon
    Genus Synsynella
    Genus Trapezicepon
    Genus Tylokepon
    Genus Upogebione
    Genus Upogebiophilus
    Genus Urobopyrus

Taxon Information

The Family Bopyridae has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Bopyridae, [North America] (Covich et al., 2010).
  • Bopyridae, 1 species [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Bopyridae, "only one genus and species in fresh waters of North America" (Chace et al., 1959).


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