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  Superfamily Sphaeromatoidea

Family Sphaeromatidae

    Genus Cassidinidea -- North America.
    Genus Gnorimosphaeroma -- North America.
    Genus Speocirolana -- North America.
    Genus Sphaerolana -- North America.
    Genus Sphaeroma -- North America.
    Genus Thermosphaeroma -- North America.
    Genus Afrocerceis
    Genus Agostodina
    Genus Amphoroidea
    Genus Amphoroidella
    Genus Apemosphaera
    Genus Artopoles
    Genus Austrasphaera
    Genus Beatricesphaera
    Genus Benthosphaera
    Genus Bilistra
    Genus Botryias
    Genus Bregmotypta
    Genus Caecocassidias
    Genus Caecosphaeroma
    Genus Calcipila
    Genus Campecopea
    Genus Cassidias
    Genus Cassidina
    Genus Cassidinella
    Genus Cassidinopsis
    Genus Ceratocephalus
    Genus Cerceis
    Genus Cercosphaera
    Genus Chitonopsis
    Genus Chitonosphaera
    Genus Cilicaea
    Genus Cilicaeopsis
    Genus Cliamenella
    Genus Cymodetta
    Genus Cymodoce
    Genus Cymodocella
    Genus Cymodopsis
    Genus Diclidocellla
    Genus Discerceis
    Genus Discidina
    Genus Dynamene
    Genus Dynamenella
    Genus Dynameniscus
    Genus Dynamenoides
    Genus Dynamenopsis
    Genus Dynoides
    Genus Eterocerceis
    Genus Exocerceis
    Genus Exosphaeroides
    Genus Exosphaeroma
    Genus Geocerceis
    Genus Harrieta
    Genus Haswellia
    Genus Hemisphaeroma
    Genus Holotelson
    Genus Ischyromene
    Genus Isocladus
    Genus Juletta
    Genus Koremasphaera
    Genus Kranosphaera
    Genus Lekanesphaera
    Genus Leptosphaeroma
    Genus Makarasphaera
    Genus Margueritta
    Genus Maricoccus
    Genus Monolistra
    Genus Moruloidea
    Genus Naesicopea
    Genus Neonaesa
    Genus Neosphaeroma
    Genus Oxinasphaera
    Genus Paracassidina
    Genus Paracassidinopsis
    Genus Paracerceis
    Genus Paracilicaea
    Genus Paradella
    Genus Paraimene
    Genus Paraleptosphaeroma
    Genus Parasphaeroma
    Genus Parisocladus
    Genus Pedinura
    Genus Pistorius
    Genus Platycerceis
    Genus Platynympha
    Genus Platysphaera
    Genus Pooredoce
    Genus Pseudocerceis
    Genus Pseudosphaeroma
    Genus Ptyosphaera
    Genus Scutuloidea
    Genus Sphaeramene
    Genus Sphaeromopsis
    Genus Stathmos
    Genus Striella
    Genus Syncassidina
    Genus Tholozodium
    Genus Waiteolana
    Genus Xynosphaera
    Genus Zuzara

Taxon Information

The Family Sphaeromatidae has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Sphaeromatidae, [North America] (Covich et al., 2010).
  • Sphaeromatidae, [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Sphaeromidae [sic], (Chace et al., 1959).


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