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  Subfamily Chaetonotinae

Genus Chaetonotus

    Species C. acanthophorus -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. aculeatus -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. macrochaetus -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. octonarius -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. tachyneusticus -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. trichodrymodes -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. wisconsinensis? -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. formosus -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. gastrocyaneus -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. larus -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. longispinosus -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. quintospinosus -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. robustus -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. spinulosus -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. trichostichodes -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. vulgaris -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. acanthodes -- North America.
    Species C. anomalus -- North America.
    Species C. brevispinosus -- North America.
    Species C. elegans -- North America.
    Species C. enormis -- North America.
    Species C. similis -- North America.
    Species C. succinctus -- North America.
    Species C. acanthocephalus
    Species C. acareus
    Species C. aegilonensis
    Species C. aemilianus
    Species C. aequispinosus
    Species C. alatus
    Species C. alni
    Species C. angustus
    Species C. annectens
    Species C. antipai
    Species C. apechochaetus
    Species C. apolemmus
    Species C. aquaticus
    Species C. arethusae
    Species C. armatus
    Species C. arquatus
    Species C. atrox
    Species C. australiensis
    Species C. balsaminus
    Species C. balsamoae
    Species C. balticus
    Species C. beauchampi
    Species C. benacensis
    Species C. bifidispinosus
    Species C. bisacer
    Species C. bogdanovii
    Species C. brachyurus
    Species C. brasiliensis
    Species C. breviacanthus
    Species C. brevis
    Species C. brevisetosus
    Species C. caricicola
    Species C. caudalspinosus
    Species C. cestacanthus
    Species C. chicous
    Species C. christianus
    Species C. chuni
    Species C. condensus
    Species C. cordiformis
    Species C. crassus
    Species C. crinitus
    Species C. dadayi
    Species C. daphnes
    Species C. decemsetosus
    Species C. dentatus
    Species C. disiunctus
    Species C. dispar
    Species C. dracunculus
    Species C. dubius
    Species C. dybowskii
    Species C. elegantulus
    Species C. erinaceus
    Species C. euhystrix
    Species C. fencheli
    Species C. ferrarius
    Species C. fluviatilis
    Species C. fujisanensis
    Species C. furcatus
    Species C. gracilis
    Species C. greuteri
    Species C. heideri
    Species C. hermaphroditus
    Species C. heterocanthus
    Species C. heterochaetus
    Species C. heterospinosus
    Species C. hilarus
    Species C. hirsutus
    Species C. hoanicus
    Species C. hystrix
    Species C. ichthydioides
    Species C. illiesi
    Species C. inaequidentatus
    Species C. insigniformis
    Species C. intermedius
    Species C. italicus
    Species C. jakubskii
    Species C. jamaicensis
    Species C. kisielewskii
    Species C. lacunosus
    Species C. lancearis
    Species C. laroides
    Species C. laterospinosus
    Species C. linguaeformis
    Species C. lobo
    Species C. longisetosus
    Species C. lucksi
    Species C. lunatospinosus
    Species C. luporinii
    Species C. macrolepidotus
    Species C. magnificus
    Species C. majestuosus
    Species C. mariae
    Species C. marinus
    Species C. maximus
    Species C. mediterraneus
    Species C. microchaetus
    Species C. minimus
    Species C. mitraformis
    Species C. modestus
    Species C. monobarbatus
    Species C. montevideensis
    Species C. multisetosus
    Species C. multispinosus
    Species C. murrayi
    Species C. mutinensis
    Species C. naiadis
    Species C. napoleonicus
    Species C. neptuni
    Species C. novenarius
    Species C. oceanides
    Species C. oculatus
    Species C. oculifer
    Species C. odontopharynx
    Species C. oligohalinus
    Species C. ophiogaster
    Species C. oplites
    Species C. paluster
    Species C. palustris
    Species C. parafurcatus
    Species C. paraguayensis
    Species C. parthenopeius
    Species C. paucisetosus
    Species C. paucisquamatus
    Species C. pawlowskii
    Species C. pentacanthus
    Species C. persetosus
    Species C. pilaga
    Species C. ploenensis
    Species C. polychaetus
    Species C. polyspinosus
    Species C. poznaniensis
    Species C. pratensis
    Species C. pseudopolyspinosus
    Species C. pungens
    Species C. puniceus
    Species C. pusillus
    Species C. pygmaeus
    Species C. quadratus
    Species C. rafalskii
    Species C. rarispinosus
    Species C. rectaculeatus
    Species C. remanei
    Species C. rotundus
    Species C. sagittarius
    Species C. sanctipauli
    Species C. schlitzensis
    Species C. schoepferi
    Species C. schromi
    Species C. schultzei
    Species C. scoticus
    Species C. scutatus
    Species C. scutulatus
    Species C. segnis
    Species C. serenus
    Species C. sextospinosus
    Species C. siciliensis
    Species C. silvaticus
    Species C. simrothi
    Species C. slackiae
    Species C. soberanus
    Species C. somniculosus
    Species C. sphagnophilus
    Species C. spinifer
    Species C. splendidus
    Species C. stagnalis
    Species C. striatus
    Species C. sudeticus
    Species C. tabulatus
    Species C. tempestivus
    Species C. tentaculatus
    Species C. tenuis
    Species C. tenuisquamatus
    Species C. tesselatus
    Species C. testiculophorus
    Species C. triacanthus
    Species C. trianguliformis
    Species C. tricuspidatus
    Species C. trilineatus
    Species C. triradiatus
    Species C. trispinosus
    Species C. uncinus
    Species C. vargai
    Species C. variosquamatus
    Species C. vechovi
    Species C. vellosus
    Species C. ventrochaetus
    Species C. venustus
    Species C. voigti
    Species C. vorax
    Species C. woodi

Taxon Information

The Genus Chaetonotus has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from Wisconsin.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Chaetonotus, "common and widespread" (Strayer et al., 2010).
  • Chaetonotus, (Smith. D.G., 2001).
  • Chaetonotus, [North Central United States] (Underhill et al., 1982).
  • Chaetonotus, (Zakarija, 1980).
  • Chaetonotus, (Rossino, 1979).
  • Chaetonotus, (Brunson, 1959).


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