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  Family Dicranophoridae

Genus Encentrum

    Species E. algente -- North America.
    Species E. aquilus -- North America.
    Species E. belluinum -- North America.
    Species E. boreale -- North America.
    Species E. caratum -- North America.
    Species E. carlini -- North America.
    Species E. elongatum -- North America.
    Species E. felis -- North America.
    Species E. insolitum -- North America.
    Species E. lacidum -- North America.
    Species E. lutra -- North America.
    Species E. marinum -- North America.
    Species E. mucronatum -- North America.
    Species E. nesites -- North America.
    Species E. oculatum -- North America.
    Species E. otois -- North America.
    Species E. parime -- North America.
    Species E. permolle -- North America.
    Species E. putorius -- North America.
    Species E. salsum -- North America.
    Species E. saundersiae -- North America.
    Species E. sutor -- North America.
    Species E. tobyhannaense -- North America.
    Species E. torvitum -- North America.
    Species E. tyrphos -- North America.
    Species E. villosum -- North America.
    Species E. zetetum -- North America.
    Species E. acrodon
    Species E. alpinum
    Species E. arvicola
    Species E. asellicola
    Species E. brevifulcrum
    Species E. desmeti
    Species E. diglandula
    Species E. eurycephalum
    Species E. fluviatile
    Species E. forcipatum
    Species E. gibbosum
    Species E. glaucum
    Species E. goldschmidi
    Species E. gulo
    Species E. hofsteni
    Species E. incisum
    Species E. kozminskii
    Species E. kulmatyckii
    Species E. longidens
    Species E. longipes
    Species E. lupus
    Species E. mariae
    Species E. martes
    Species E. martoides
    Species E. minax
    Species E. moldavicum
    Species E. murrayi
    Species E. nikor
    Species E. orthodactylum
    Species E. oxyodon
    Species E. pachypus
    Species E. parvum
    Species E. pornsilpi
    Species E. semiplicatum
    Species E. sorex
    Species E. spatiatum
    Species E. spinosum
    Species E. stechlinense
    Species E. sutoroides
    Species E. tobyhannaensis
    Species E. torvitoides
    Species E. umbonatum
    Species E. uncinatum
    Species E. voigti
    Species E. walterkostei
    Species E. wiszniewskii
    Species E. arenarium
    Species E. astridae
    Species E. axi
    Species E. barti
    Species E. bidentatum
    Species E. cruentum
    Species E. dieteri
    Species E. enteromorphae
    Species E. eristes
    Species E. eulitorale
    Species E. flexile
    Species E. frenoti
    Species E. graingeri
    Species E. kostei
    Species E. kutikovae
    Species E. limicola
    Species E. listense
    Species E. listensoides
    Species E. longirostrum
    Species E. matthesi
    Species E. mustela
    Species E. myersi
    Species E. obesum
    Species E. permutandum
    Species E. porsildi
    Species E. psammophilum
    Species E. rapax
    Species E. remanei
    Species E. rousseleti
    Species E. sacculiforme
    Species E. salinum
    Species E. simillimum
    Species E. striatum
    Species E. tectipes
    Species E. tenuidigitatum
    Species E. ussuriensis
    Species E. valkanovi

Taxon Information

The Genus Encentrum has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Encentrum, [North America] (Wallace & Snell, 2010).
  • Encentrum, [Palearctic, Afrotropical, Australasian, Oriental, Nearctic, Neotropical, Pacific, Antarctic; 78 species worldwide, 28 Nearctic species] (Segers, 2008).
  • Encentrum, (Segers, 2007).
  • Encentrum, about 15 species [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Encentrum, "Over 50 species, many in brackish water; common in littoral" (Edmondson, 1959).


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