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  Family Microstomidae

Genus Microstomum (+ Typhlomicrostomum)

    Species M. lineare -- Wisconsin!
    Species M. variabile -- midwestern North America.
    Species M. bispiralis -- North America.
    Species M. philadelphicum -- North America.
    Species M. achroophthalmum
    Species M. canum
    Species M. coerulescens
    Species M. hanatum
    Species M. paradii
    Species M. punctatum
    Species M. bioculatum
    Species M. breviceps
    Species M. crildensis
    Species M. davenporti
    Species M. dermophthalmum
    Species M. gabriellae
    Species M. groenlandicum
    Species M. jenseni
    Species M. lucidum
    Species M. melanophthalmum
    Species M. mortenseni
    Species M. mundum
    Species M. ornatum
    Species M. papillosum
    Species M. rhabdotum
    Species M. rubromaculatum
    Species M. septentrionale
    Species M. spiculifer
    Species M. spiriferum
    Species M. trichotum
    Species M. ulum
    Species M. unicolor

Taxon Information

The Genus Microstomum has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from Wisconsin.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Microstomum, (Artois et al., 2013).
  • Microstomum, [North America] (Kolasa & Tyler, 2010).
  • Microstomum, [Wisconsin] (Watermolen, 2005).
  • Microstomum, many common species [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Microstomum, (Hyman & Jones, 1959).


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