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  Family Plagiostomidae

Genus Plagiostomum

    Species P. abboti -- North America.
    Species P. album -- North America.
    Species P. dahlgreni -- North America.
    Species P. flavum -- North America.
    Species P. hartmani -- North America.
    Species P. hedgpethi -- North America.
    Species P. langi -- North America.
    Species P. morgani -- North America.
    Species P. stellatum -- North America.
    Species P. wilsoni -- North America.
    Species P. lacustre
    Species P. lemani
    Species P. achromaticum
    Species P. acoluthum
    Species P. anocelis
    Species P. anthracinum
    Species P. autectum
    Species P. benedeni
    Species P. boehmigi
    Species P. brandtneri
    Species P. caecum
    Species P. caspicum
    Species P. caudatum
    Species P. chinoecetis
    Species P. chromogastrum
    Species P. cilioejaculator
    Species P. cinctum
    Species P. clusum
    Species P. cuticulata
    Species P. drygalskii
    Species P. elachisterum
    Species P. elongatum
    Species P. evelinae
    Species P. fabrei
    Species P. falklandicum
    Species P. filicauda
    Species P. gibbum
    Species P. giganteum
    Species P. girardi
    Species P. hartmeyeri
    Species P. koreni
    Species P. kurrum
    Species P. lapinum
    Species P. lobatum
    Species P. lutile
    Species P. maculatum
    Species P. makroposthia
    Species P. mamkaevi
    Species P. meledanum
    Species P. nonatoi
    Species P. norvegicum
    Species P. nostrum
    Species P. nucleipharyngeum
    Species P. ochroleucum
    Species P. opisthogonimum
    Species P. paradoxum
    Species P. parasitorum
    Species P. personatum
    Species P. petrophilum
    Species P. philippinense
    Species P. porsildi
    Species P. providensiensis
    Species P. pseudomaculatum
    Species P. quadrioculatum
    Species P. remanei
    Species P. reticulatum
    Species P. rovignense
    Species P. sagax
    Species P. sagitta
    Species P. sorrentinum
    Species P. spongophilum
    Species P. striatum
    Species P. sulphureum
    Species P. thelotrichum
    Species P. torquatum
    Species P. violaceum
    Species P. vittatum
    Species P. vorax
    Species P. whitmani
    Species P. xenophilum

Taxon Information

The Genus Plagiostomum has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Plagiostomum, (Artois et al., 2013).


  • Artois, T., E. Schockaert & S. Tyler. 2013. World Checklist of Freshwater Turbellaria. World Wide Web electronic publication. 59 pp. [Available online]

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