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  Family Ceratozetidae

Genus Ceratozetes

    Species C. ambiguus
    Species C. angustus
    Species C. antarcticus
    Species C. armatus
    Species C. bicornis
    Species C. borealis
    Species C. campestris
    Species C. catarinensis
    Species C. clypeatus
    Species C. colchica
    Species C. conjunctus
    Species C. cuspidatus
    Species C. enodis
    Species C. figuratus
    Species C. gaussi
    Species C. gemmula
    Species C. gracilis
    Species C. guadarramicus
    Species C. hamobatoides
    Species C. insignis
    Species C. intermedius
    Species C. inupiaq
    Species C. kananaskis
    Species C. kutchin
    Species C. lagrecai
    Species C. laticuspidatus
    Species C. longispina
    Species C. longocuspidatus
    Species C. macromediocris
    Species C. mediocris
    Species C. microsetosus
    Species C. minutissimus
    Species C. monticola
    Species C. nanus
    Species C. nasutus
    Species C. neonomintus
    Species C. nigrisetosus
    Species C. oresbios
    Species C. ovidianus
    Species C. pacificus
    Species C. paritractus
    Species C. parvulus
    Species C. peritus
    Species C. petrovi
    Species C. platyrhinoides
    Species C. platyrhinus
    Species C. problematicus
    Species C. processus
    Species C. psammophilus
    Species C. rostroserratus
    Species C. rostroundulatus
    Species C. simulator
    Species C. spitsbergensis
    Species C. striatus
    Species C. subaquila
    Species C. subinconspicuus
    Species C. undulatus
    Species C. virginicus
    Species C. volgini
    Species C. watertonensis
    Species C. xinjiangensis
    Species C. zeteki

Taxon Information

The Genus Ceratozetes is not recorded from fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Ceratozetes, [North America] (Newell, 1959).


  • Newell, I.M. 1959. Acari. [in] W.T. Edmondson (ed.). Ward & Whipple Fresh-Water Biology, 2nd edition: 1080-1116.

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