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  Tribe Candonini

Genus Candona

    Species C. acuta -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. acutula -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. crogmaniana -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. distincta -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. lactea -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. mendotaensis -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. ohioensis -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. rawsoni -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. truncata -- Wisconsin!
    Species C. biangulata -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. decora -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. fluviatilis -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. fossulenis -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. hyalina -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. inopinata -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. punctata -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. recticauda -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. sharpei -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. sigmoides -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. simpsoni -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. suburbana -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. annae -- North America.
    Species C. candida -- North America.
    Species C. delawarensis -- North America.
    Species C. elliptica -- North America.
    Species C. eriensis -- North America.
    Species C. facetus -- North America.
    Species C. fossulensis -- North America.
    Species C. foveolata -- North America.
    Species C. hoffi -- North America.
    Species C. houghi -- North America.
    Species C. ikpikpukensis -- North America.
    Species C. indigena -- North America.
    Species C. intermedia -- North America.
    Species C. lingulata -- North America.
    Species C. paraohioensis -- North America.
    Species C. parvula -- North America.
    Species C. peircei -- North America.
    Species C. peirci -- North America.
    Species C. reflexa -- North America.
    Species C. reticauda -- North America.
    Species C. scopulosa -- North America.
    Species C. subacuminata -- North America.
    Species C. subgibba -- North America.
    Species C. subtriangulata -- North America.
    Species C. tahoensis -- North America.
    Species C. thienemanni -- North America.
    Species C. uliginosa -- North America.
    Species C. ulignosa -- North America.
    Species C. weltneri -- North America.
    Species C. albida
    Species C. alta
    Species C. altoides
    Species C. amanda
    Species C. anceps
    Species C. angulata
    Species C. aotearoa
    Species C. araucana
    Species C. arcuata
    Species C. arenosa
    Species C. aricauda
    Species C. bertrandi
    Species C. bimucronata
    Species C. birsteini
    Species C. bradyi
    Species C. bretzi
    Species C. caledoniae
    Species C. camelus
    Species C. capsularis
    Species C. claviformis
    Species C. cristatella
    Species C. dadayi
    Species C. dalmatina
    Species C. dedelica
    Species C. deltoides
    Species C. demissa
    Species C. depressa
    Species C. diaphana
    Species C. directa
    Species C. dryschenkoy
    Species C. dybowskii
    Species C. elegans
    Species C. elongata
    Species C. elpatiewskyi
    Species C. expansa
    Species C. fabaeformis
    Species C. falcata
    Species C. fasciolata
    Species C. flava
    Species C. fluctigera
    Species C. formosa
    Species C. fossiliformis
    Species C. ginnensis
    Species C. godlewskii
    Species C. goricensis
    Species C. gracilenta
    Species C. granulate
    Species C. grizea
    Species C. hadzistei
    Species C. hartmanni
    Species C. holmesi
    Species C. humilis
    Species C. hungarica
    Species C. improvisa
    Species C. inaequivalvis
    Species C. incarum
    Species C. inexpecta
    Species C. insularis
    Species C. intersita
    Species C. ivanowi
    Species C. jordeae
    Species C. keiseri
    Species C. kingsleii
    Species C. korjakovi
    Species C. krochini
    Species C. laciniata
    Species C. lamakini
    Species C. larvaeformis
    Species C. larvaeformisoida
    Species C. lepnevae
    Species C. levanderi
    Species C. limosa
    Species C. limpida
    Species C. lindneri
    Species C. litoralis
    Species C. longiformis
    Species C. longula
    Species C. lozeki
    Species C. lucens
    Species C. lucida
    Species C. lychnitis
    Species C. macedonica
    Species C. margaritana
    Species C. marginata
    Species C. marginatoides
    Species C. media
    Species C. meerfeldiana
    Species C. memoranda
    Species C. microdorsoconcava
    Species C. modesta
    Species C. montenigrina
    Species C. muelleri
    Species C. muriformis
    Species C. natronophila
    Species C. neglecta
    Species C. nyensis
    Species C. oblonga
    Species C. ohrida
    Species C. orangeburgensis
    Species C. orbiculata
    Species C. ovalis
    Species C. paionica
    Species C. paloskii
    Species C. parva
    Species C. patzcuaro
    Species C. pedropalensis
    Species C. picta
    Species C. prava
    Species C. procera
    Species C. protzi
    Species C. quadrata
    Species C. quasiakaina
    Species C. quasiincarum
    Species C. quasiincavum
    Species C. rara
    Species C. rectangulata
    Species C. renoensis
    Species C. rupestris
    Species C. sanociensis
    Species C. schweyeri
    Species C. semilunaris
    Species C. sensibilis
    Species C. sibirica
    Species C. sillae
    Species C. sinaidae
    Species C. spicata
    Species C. stankovici
    Species C. strumicae
    Species C. sublitoralis
    Species C. thermalis
    Species C. trapeziformis
    Species C. triangulata
    Species C. unguiculata
    Species C. unimoda
    Species C. uschunica
    Species C. vidua
    Species C. virgata
    Species C. walukani
    Species C. wasilievae
    Species C. wedgewoodi
    Species C. willmani
    Species C. zetlandica

Taxon Information

The Genus Candona has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from Wisconsin.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Candona, (Martens & Savatenalinton, 2011).
  • Candona, [North America] (Smith & Delorme, 2010).
  • Candona, widely distributed and very common; about 40 species [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Candona, [North Central United States] (Underhill et al., 1982).
  • Candona, (Kitchell & Clark, 1979).
  • Candona, [North America] (Tressler, 1959).


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