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  Family Chydoridae

Genus Pleuroxus

    Species P. aduncus -- Wisconsin!
    Species P. denticulatus -- Wisconsin!
    Species P. hastatus -- Wisconsin!
    Species P. procurvus -- Wisconsin!
    Species P. striatus -- Wisconsin!
    Species P. straminius -- North America.
    Species P. trigonellus -- North America.
    Species P. truncatus -- North America.
    Species P. uncinatus -- North America.
    Species P. varidentatus -- North America.
    Species P. aculeatus
    Species P. affinis
    Species P. annandalei
    Species P. armatus
    Species P. assimilis
    Species P. bartenevi
    Species P. bhigawanensis
    Species P. brevicornis
    Species P. caca
    Species P. carolinae
    Species P. chappuisi
    Species P. convexus
    Species P. dispar
    Species P. foveatus
    Species P. fryeri
    Species P. fuhrmanni
    Species P. gracilis
    Species P. hamatus
    Species P. hardingi
    Species P. hastirostris
    Species P. helvenacus
    Species P. incertus
    Species P. inermis
    Species P. insculptus
    Species P. jugosus
    Species P. kakaduensis
    Species P. kijoviensis
    Species P. laticaudatus
    Species P. letourneuxi
    Species P. macquariensis
    Species P. makaliensis
    Species P. morotei
    Species P. nasutus
    Species P. pamirensis
    Species P. paraplesius
    Species P. pigroides
    Species P. pithyusus
    Species P. puteanus
    Species P. retrocurvatus
    Species P. scopuliferus
    Species P. simplex
    Species P. smirnovi
    Species P. striatoides
    Species P. tenuispinosus
    Species P. ternispinosus
    Species P. toumodensis
    Species P. transcaucasicus
    Species P. triocellatus
    Species P. unidens
    Species P. unispinus
    Species P. vulcanicus
    Species P. wittsteini

Taxon Information

The Genus Pleuroxus has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from Wisconsin.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Pleuroxus, (Kotov et al., 2013).
  • Pleuroxus, common in northern states [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Pleuroxus, [North Central United States] (Underhill et al., 1982).
  • Pleuroxus, [North America] (Brooks, 1959).


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