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  Subfamily Bipaliinae

Genus Bipalium

    Species B. adventitium -- Wisconsin!
    Species B. adensameri
    Species B. admarginatum
    Species B. albo-coeruleus
    Species B. alternans
    Species B. bergendali
    Species B. bimaculatum
    Species B. chhatarpurensis
    Species B. choristosperma
    Species B. costaricensis
    Species B. crassatrium
    Species B. distinguendum
    Species B. dubium
    Species B. ephippium
    Species B. fuscatum
    Species B. fuscolineatum
    Species B. gestroi
    Species B. glandiantrum
    Species B. glandulosa
    Species B. glaucum
    Species B. gracilis
    Species B. graffi
    Species B. haberlandti
    Species B. hilgendorfi
    Species B. interruptum
    Species B. janseni
    Species B. javanum
    Species B. kaburakii
    Species B. katoi
    Species B. kewense
    Species B. kisoense
    Species B. kraepelini
    Species B. manubriatum
    Species B. marginatum
    Species B. mjobergi
    Species B. mondimentum
    Species B. monolineatum
    Species B. moseleyi
    Species B. muninense
    Species B. myadenosium
    Species B. nigrum
    Species B. nobile
    Species B. ochroleucum
    Species B. pennsylvanicum
    Species B. penrissenicum
    Species B. penzigi
    Species B. persephone
    Species B. poiense
    Species B. rigaudi
    Species B. robiginosum
    Species B. semperi
    Species B. strubelli
    Species B. sudzukii
    Species B. tetsuyai
    Species B. unistriatus
    Species B. univittatum
    Species B. vagum
    Species B. virile
    Species B. weismanni
    Species B. wiesneri

Taxon Information

The Genus Bipalium is not recorded from fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from Wisconsin.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Bipalium, (Watermolen & Fojut, 2008).


  • Watermolen, D.J. & P. Fojut. 2008. An introduced flatworm, Bipalium adventitum (Tricladida: Terricola), in Wisconsin and its potential impacts. WI DNR Miscellaneous Publications PUB-SS-1041. 18 pp. [Available online]

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