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Image from Field Guide to the Freshwater Mussels of the Midwest.

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  Family Cyrenidae

Genus Corbicula

    Species C. fluminea -- North America.
    Species C. leana -- North America.
    Species C. africana
    Species C. amurensis
    Species C. annandalei
    Species C. anomioides
    Species C. arata
    Species C. assamensis
    Species C. astartina
    Species C. aurea
    Species C. australis
    Species C. baudoni
    Species C. bensoni
    Species C. bitruncata
    Species C. blandiana
    Species C. bocourti
    Species C. cashmiriensis
    Species C. castanea
    Species C. celebensis
    Species C. colorata
    Species C. consularis
    Species C. cyreniformis
    Species C. dautzenbergi
    Species C. ducalis
    Species C. elatior
    Species C. elongata
    Species C. erosa
    Species C. fenouilliana
    Species C. fluminalis
    Species C. formosana
    Species C. gubernatoria
    Species C. gustaviana
    Species C. heardi
    Species C. insularis
    Species C. iravadica
    Species C. javanica
    Species C. krishnaea
    Species C. lacunae
    Species C. lamarckiana
    Species C. largillierti
    Species C. leviuscula
    Species C. lindholmi
    Species C. linduensis
    Species C. loehensis
    Species C. lutea
    Species C. luteola
    Species C. lydigiana
    Species C. madagascariensis
    Species C. malaccensis
    Species C. manilensis
    Species C. matannensis
    Species C. messageri
    Species C. moltkiana
    Species C. moreletiana
    Species C. mortoni
    Species C. nevelskoyi
    Species C. nitens
    Species C. noetlingi
    Species C. occidentiformis
    Species C. ovalina
    Species C. peninsularis
    Species C. pingensis
    Species C. possoensis
    Species C. producta
    Species C. pulchella
    Species C. pullata
    Species C. recurvata
    Species C. regia
    Species C. rivalis
    Species C. sandai
    Species C. siamensis
    Species C. similis
    Species C. sirotskii
    Species C. solida
    Species C. solidula
    Species C. squalida
    Species C. straminea
    Species C. striatella
    Species C. subnitens
    Species C. subplanata
    Species C. subsulcata
    Species C. sylhetica
    Species C. tenuis
    Species C. tibetensis
    Species C. tobae
    Species C. tumida
    Species C. virescens
    Species C. vokesi
    Species C. finitima
    Species C. japonica

Taxon Information

The Genus Corbicula has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from midwestern states of North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Corbicula, "88 species... mostly freshwater, temperate/tropical Asia and Africa, widely introduced" (Graf, 2013).
  • Corbicula, 1 or 2 species [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Corbicula, [North Central United States] (Underhill et al., 1982).
  • Corbicula, "Found in northern Calif. and Ore. Introduced from China" (Clench, 1959).


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