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  Family Sphaeriidae

Genus Pisidium (+ Cyclocalyx, + Neopisidium, + Afropisidium, + Euglesa)

    Species P. casertanum -- Wisconsin!
    Species P. conventus -- Wisconsin!
    Species P. adamsii -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. compressum -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. cruciatum -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. dubium -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. equilaterale -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. fallax -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. ferrugineum -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. idahoense -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. insigne -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. lilljeborgii -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. moitessierianum -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. nitidum -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. rotundatum -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. subtruncatum -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. variabile -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. ventricosum -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. amnicum -- North America.
    Species P. henslowanum -- North America.
    Species P. milium -- North America.
    Species P. punctiferum -- North America.
    Species P. sanguinichristi -- North America.
    Species P. simplex -- North America.
    Species P. supinum -- North America.
    Species P. ultramontanum -- North America.
    Species P. walkeri -- North America.
    Species P. annandalei
    Species P. appressum
    Species P. armillatum
    Species P. artifex
    Species P. aslini
    Species P. atkinsonianum
    Species P. aucklandica
    Species P. australiense
    Species P. bejumae
    Species P. betafoense
    Species P. boliviense
    Species P. carum
    Species P. cavernicum
    Species P. centrale
    Species P. chandanbariensis
    Species P. chankense
    Species P. chicha
    Species P. chilensis
    Species P. chiquitanum
    Species P. clarkeanum
    Species P. clausi
    Species P. consanguineum
    Species P. coreanum
    Species P. costulosum
    Species P. crimeana
    Species P. dammermani
    Species P. dancei
    Species P. dilatatum
    Species P. dorbignyi
    Species P. edlaueri
    Species P. ellisi
    Species P. etheridgei
    Species P. ethiopicum
    Species P. fistulosum
    Species P. floresianum
    Species P. forense
    Species P. fultoni
    Species P. giraudi
    Species P. globulare
    Species P. globulus
    Species P. hallae
    Species P. harrisoni
    Species P. hibernicum
    Species P. hinzi
    Species P. hodgkini
    Species P. huillichum
    Species P. inacayali
    Species P. invenustum
    Species P. iquito
    Species P. jamaicense
    Species P. japonicum
    Species P. javanum
    Species P. johnsoni
    Species P. kawamurai
    Species P. kenianum
    Species P. khorense
    Species P. khurbaense
    Species P. kosciusko
    Species P. kuiperi
    Species P. langleyanum
    Species P. lebruni
    Species P. lepus
    Species P. llanquihuense
    Species P. maaseni
    Species P. magellanicum
    Species P. meierbrooki
    Species P. mionicense
    Species P. mitchelli
    Species P. montigenum
    Species P. nevillianum
    Species P. nipponense
    Species P. novaezelandiae
    Species P. novobritanniae
    Species P. observationis
    Species P. obtusale
    Species P. ocloya
    Species P. omaguaca
    Species P. ovampicum
    Species P. paludosum
    Species P. parenzani
    Species P. parvum
    Species P. patagonicum
    Species P. personatum
    Species P. pipoense
    Species P. pirothi
    Species P. plenilunium
    Species P. ponderi
    Species P. popovae
    Species P. prasongi
    Species P. pseudosphaerium
    Species P. pulchellum
    Species P. punctatum
    Species P. raddei
    Species P. reticulatum
    Species P. sterkianum
    Species P. stewarti
    Species P. stoliczkanum
    Species P. sumatranum
    Species P. sundanum
    Species P. taraguyense
    Species P. tasmanicum
    Species P. tenuilineatum
    Species P. uejii
    Species P. vile
    Species P. viridarium
    Species P. volutabundum
    Species P. waldeni
    Species P. yarkandense
    Species P. zugmayeri

Taxon Information

The Genus Pisidium has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from Wisconsin.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Pisidium, "133 species... global" [freshwater] (Graf, 2013).
  • Pisidium, about 24 species, widely distributed [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Pisidium, [North Central United States] (Underhill et al., 1982).
  • Pisidium (Pisidium), (Burch, 1972).
  • Pisidium (Cyclocalyx), (Burch, 1972).
  • Pisidium (Neopisidium), (Burch, 1972).
  • Pisidium, "The many species in this genus are widely distributed throughout most of [North America]" (Clench, 1959).


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