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  Family Chirocephalidae

Genus Chirocephalus (+ Pristicephalus)

    Species C. appendicularis
    Species C. baikalensis
    Species C. bairdi
    Species C. bobrinskii
    Species C. brevipalpis
    Species C. carnuntanus
    Species C. chyzeri
    Species C. croaticus
    Species C. diaphanus
    Species C. festae
    Species C. hardingi
    Species C. horribilis
    Species C. jaxartensis
    Species C. josephinae
    Species C. kerkyrensis
    Species C. longicornis
    Species C. ludmilae
    Species C. marchesonii
    Species C. mongolianus
    Species C. nankinensis
    Species C. neumanni
    Species C. orghidani
    Species C. paphlagonicus
    Species C. pelagonicus
    Species C. ponticus
    Species C. povolnyi
    Species C. priscus
    Species C. recticornis
    Species C. reiseri
    Species C. ripophilus
    Species C. robustus
    Species C. ruffoi
    Species C. salinus
    Species C. shadini
    Species C. sibyllae
    Species C. sinensis
    Species C. skorikowi
    Species C. slovacicus
    Species C. spinicaudatus
    Species C. tauricus
    Species C. tereki
    Species C. turkestanicus
    Species C. vornatscheri
    Species C. wangi
    Species C. weisigi

Taxon Information

The Genus Chirocephalus is not recorded from fresh waters. This taxon has not been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Pristicephalus, (Dexter, 1959).


  • Dexter, R.W. 1959. Anostraca. [in] W.T. Edmondson (ed.). Ward & Whipple Fresh-Water Biology, 2nd edition: 558-576.

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