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  Subfamily Halicyclopinae

Genus Halicyclops

    Species H. bowmani -- North America.
    Species H. clarkei -- North America.
    Species H. coulli -- North America.
    Species H. fosteri -- North America.
    Species H. hurlberti -- North America.
    Species H. laminifer -- North America.
    Species H. maculatus -- North America.
    Species H. reidae -- North America.
    Species H. aberrans
    Species H. aequoreus
    Species H. ambiguus
    Species H. antiguaensis
    Species H. aquaesurgentis
    Species H. ariakensis
    Species H. blachei
    Species H. calm
    Species H. caneki
    Species H. canuensis
    Species H. canui
    Species H. caridophilus
    Species H. cenoticola
    Species H. continentalis
    Species H. crassicornis
    Species H. dalmatinus
    Species H. dedeckeri
    Species H. denticulatus
    Species H. dussarti
    Species H. eberhardi
    Species H. electus
    Species H. exiguus
    Species H. gauldi
    Species H. gaviriai
    Species H. glaber
    Species H. harpacticoides
    Species H. herbsti
    Species H. higoensis
    Species H. incognitus
    Species H. itohi
    Species H. japonicus
    Species H. kieferi
    Species H. konkanensis
    Species H. korodiensis
    Species H. laciniatus
    Species H. lanceolatus
    Species H. latus
    Species H. lindbergi
    Species H. longifurcatus
    Species H. lutum
    Species H. magniceps
    Species H. oblongus
    Species H. oraeeburnensis
    Species H. oryzanus
    Species H. ovatus
    Species H. paradenticulatus
    Species H. pescei
    Species H. pilifer
    Species H. pilosus
    Species H. pondoensis
    Species H. propinquus
    Species H. pumilus
    Species H. pusillus
    Species H. ramirezi
    Species H. reunionensis
    Species H. reunionis
    Species H. robustus
    Species H. rochai
    Species H. ryukyuensis
    Species H. sarsi
    Species H. septentrionalis
    Species H. setifer
    Species H. setiformis
    Species H. similis
    Species H. sinensis
    Species H. soqotranus
    Species H. souzacruzae
    Species H. spinifer
    Species H. stocki
    Species H. tageae
    Species H. tenuispina
    Species H. tetracanthus
    Species H. thysanotus
    Species H. troglodytes
    Species H. uncus
    Species H. validus
    Species H. venezuelaensis
    Species H. verae
    Species H. wilsoni
    Species H. ytororoma

Taxon Information

The Genus Halicyclops has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Halicyclops, "A speciose, worldwide genus; most species live in or near the bottom sediment in coastal estuaries, lagoons, and marshes. Some may enter or even reproduce in freshwater" (Reid & Williamson, 2010).
  • Halicyclops, several species in brackish coastal waters [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Halicyclops, "Species are usually found in brackish water. Known from Atlantic, Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico coasts. (Wilson & Yeatman, 1959).


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