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  Family Diaptomidae

Genus Diaptomus (+ Pelorodiaptomus)

    Species D. castor -- North America.
    Species D. glacialis -- North America.
    Species D. affinis
    Species D. africanus
    Species D. alpestris
    Species D. angustaensis
    Species D. armatus
    Species D. azureus
    Species D. barabinensis
    Species D. bidens
    Species D. biseratus
    Species D. borealis
    Species D. caeruleus
    Species D. caesius
    Species D. carinifera
    Species D. carnicus
    Species D. castaneti
    Species D. claviger
    Species D. clavipoides
    Species D. cookii
    Species D. cyaneus
    Species D. falcifer
    Species D. falsomirus
    Species D. flagellatus
    Species D. flagellifer
    Species D. fluminensis
    Species D. fuscatus
    Species D. ganesa
    Species D. gatunensis
    Species D. giganteus
    Species D. graciloides
    Species D. guernei
    Species D. helveticus
    Species D. hyalinus
    Species D. informis
    Species D. innominatus
    Species D. kenitraensis
    Species D. kentuckyensis
    Species D. kincaidi
    Species D. kingsburyae
    Species D. leoninicollinus
    Species D. ligericus
    Species D. lighti
    Species D. ligusticus
    Species D. linus
    Species D. longicornis
    Species D. maria
    Species D. meridionalis
    Species D. mirus
    Species D. muelleri
    Species D. negrensis
    Species D. nigerianus
    Species D. ovatus
    Species D. palustris
    Species D. pattersonii
    Species D. pictus
    Species D. pollux
    Species D. rehmanni
    Species D. rostripes
    Species D. rubens
    Species D. santafesinus
    Species D. silvaticus
    Species D. staphylinus
    Species D. tenuicornis
    Species D. uxorius
    Species D. vexillifer
    Species D. wolterecki
    Species D. zografi

Taxon Information

The Genus Diaptomus has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from midwestern states of North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Diaptomus, [North America] (Reid & Williamson, 2010).
  • Diaptomus, over 55 species [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Diaptomus, [North Central United States] (Underhill et al., 1982).
  • Diaptomus, "Fresh- and inland saline water species" [North America] (Wilson & Yeatman, 1959).


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