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  Family Canthocamptidae

Genus Canthocamptus

    Species C. assimilis -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. robertcokeri -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. staphylinoides -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. staphylinus -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. vagus -- midwestern North America.
    Species C. oregonensis -- North America.
    Species C. sinuus -- North America.
    Species C. aequipes
    Species C. aloisianus
    Species C. antarcticus
    Species C. australis
    Species C. baikalensis
    Species C. bicolor
    Species C. borcherdingii
    Species C. brevipes
    Species C. brevisetosus
    Species C. brunnthaleri
    Species C. bryobates
    Species C. bryophilus
    Species C. bulbifer
    Species C. carinatus
    Species C. carolinensis
    Species C. catalanus
    Species C. cavernarum
    Species C. cingalensis
    Species C. coreensis
    Species C. crassus
    Species C. crenulatus
    Species C. cryptorum
    Species C. cuspidatoides
    Species C. cuspidatus
    Species C. dentatus
    Species C. dogieli
    Species C. duthiei
    Species C. elaphoides
    Species C. elegantulus
    Species C. finni
    Species C. fontinalis
    Species C. gauthieri
    Species C. gibba
    Species C. gibba
    Species C. glacialis
    Species C. gracilis
    Species C. guyanensis
    Species C. hannae
    Species C. hiatus
    Species C. hiemalis
    Species C. hippolytes
    Species C. hirticornis
    Species C. horvathi
    Species C. hutchinsoni
    Species C. hyperboreus
    Species C. iaponicus
    Species C. idahoensis
    Species C. illinoisensis
    Species C. imus
    Species C. inconspicuus
    Species C. incurvisetosus
    Species C. inornatus
    Species C. insignipes
    Species C. kalima
    Species C. kamerunensis
    Species C. kitaurensis
    Species C. krochini
    Species C. kunzi
    Species C. laccophilus
    Species C. laciniatus
    Species C. lanatus
    Species C. latus
    Species C. linearis
    Species C. longicaudatus
    Species C. longifurcatus
    Species C. longirostris
    Species C. longisetosus
    Species C. longisetus
    Species C. lucidulus
    Species C. macrosetifer
    Species C. malayicus
    Species C. maoricus
    Species C. mareoticus
    Species C. megalops
    Species C. microstaphylinus
    Species C. minutus
    Species C. mirabilis
    Species C. mirus
    Species C. mobilensis
    Species C. morimotoi
    Species C. morimotoi
    Species C. mrazeki
    Species C. nakai
    Species C. newyorkensis
    Species C. niloticus
    Species C. nordenskioldii
    Species C. northumbricoides
    Species C. northumbricoides
    Species C. obatogamensis
    Species C. occultus
    Species C. odaeensis
    Species C. papuanus
    Species C. parvulus
    Species C. parvus
    Species C. phreaticus
    Species C. pilosa
    Species C. prominulus
    Species C. pseudophreaticus
    Species C. putealis
    Species C. pygmaeus
    Species C. pyrenaicus
    Species C. resupinatus
    Species C. rhaeticus
    Species C. richardi
    Species C. robustus
    Species C. rostratus
    Species C. rotoruensis
    Species C. rubellus
    Species C. semicirculus
    Species C. setosus
    Species C. sewelli
    Species C. signatus
    Species C. spelaeus
    Species C. stroemii
    Species C. subarcticus
    Species C. subdolus
    Species C. subgracilis
    Species C. sublaevis
    Species C. subsalus
    Species C. subterraneus
    Species C. surinamensis
    Species C. takkobuensis
    Species C. tatricus
    Species C. tenuicaudis
    Species C. tomikoae
    Species C. trigonurus
    Species C. trispinosus
    Species C. typhlops
    Species C. unisetiger
    Species C. vandouwei
    Species C. varicus
    Species C. virescens
    Species C. weberi
    Species C. weigoldi
    Species C. wiegoldi
    Species C. wierzejskii
    Species C. willeyi
    Species C. winkleri
    Species C. zschokkei

Taxon Information

The Genus Canthocamptus has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from midwestern states of North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Canthocamptus, "A circumboreal genus" (Reid & Williamson, 2010).
  • Canthocamptus, several species in a wide variety of freshwater habitats [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Canthocamptus, [North Central United States] (Underhill et al., 1982).
  • Canthocamptus, "Fresh water (rarely in brackish or saline)" (Wilson & Yeatman, 1959).


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