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  Family Canthocamptidae

Genus Mesochra

    Species M. alaskana -- midwestern North America.
    Species M. lilljeborgii -- North America.
    Species M. mexicana -- North America.
    Species M. pygmaea -- North America.
    Species M. rapiens -- North America.
    Species M. wolskii -- North America.
    Species M. adriatica
    Species M. aestuarii
    Species M. anomala
    Species M. arenicola
    Species M. baylyi
    Species M. bisetosa
    Species M. bodini
    Species M. brucei
    Species M. dulcicula
    Species M. exigua
    Species M. flava
    Species M. freyri
    Species M. gracilis
    Species M. heldti
    Species M. hinumaensis
    Species M. hirticornis
    Species M. inconspicua
    Species M. inermis
    Species M. ingolfssoni
    Species M. kroyeri
    Species M. lindbergi
    Species M. meridionalis
    Species M. minuta
    Species M. nana
    Species M. oligochaeta
    Species M. pacifica
    Species M. pallaresae
    Species M. paranaensis
    Species M. parva
    Species M. pestai
    Species M. pontica
    Species M. prowaseki
    Species M. prowazeki
    Species M. pseudoparva
    Species M. quadrispinosa
    Species M. reducta
    Species M. robertsoni
    Species M. rostrata
    Species M. salina
    Species M. schmidti
    Species M. sewelli
    Species M. snoppa
    Species M. spinicauda
    Species M. stellfeldi
    Species M. suifunensis
    Species M. timsae
    Species M. xenopoda

Taxon Information

The Genus Mesochra has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from midwestern states of North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Mesochra, "Most species of this large cosmopolitan genus inhabit brackish coastal lagoons, salt marshes, and estuaries; a few live in freshwaters" (Reid & Williamson, 2010).
  • Mesochra, coastal brackish and freshwater ponds, and inland ponds; several species [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Mesochra, "Marine; coastal brackish, fresh; inland fresh waters" (Wilson & Yeatman, 1959).


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