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  Family Parastenocarididae

Genus Parastenocaris

    Species P. brevipes -- Wisconsin!
    Species P. lacustris -- midwestern North America.
    Species P. palmerae -- North America.
    Species P. trichelata -- North America.
    Species P. aberrans
    Species P. aedes
    Species P. aesculapii
    Species P. ahaggarica
    Species P. altitudinis
    Species P. amatheia
    Species P. amazonensis
    Species P. andreji
    Species P. aquaeductus
    Species P. arctica
    Species P. arganoi
    Species P. balcanica
    Species P. banatica
    Species P. bidens
    Species P. bidentata
    Species P. bolbodes
    Species P. boulouensis
    Species P. brasilibathynellae
    Species P. brincki
    Species P. budapestiensis
    Species P. bulgarica
    Species P. caffer
    Species P. calliroe
    Species P. carpathica
    Species P. chappuisi
    Species P. christiani
    Species P. ciliata
    Species P. clandestina
    Species P. columbiensis
    Species P. conimbrigensis
    Species P. cordobaensis
    Species P. corsica
    Species P. crassicaudis
    Species P. crenobia
    Species P. curvicauda
    Species P. curvispinus
    Species P. cuscatlanensis
    Species P. dammermani
    Species P. dentata
    Species P. dentulatus
    Species P. dianae
    Species P. digitophora
    Species P. distincta
    Species P. douellensis
    Species P. drepanephora
    Species P. dubia
    Species P. edakkal
    Species P. entzii
    Species P. federici
    Species P. feuerborni
    Species P. fonticola
    Species P. fontinalis
    Species P. forciculata
    Species P. forficata
    Species P. forficulata
    Species P. fossoris
    Species P. gayatri
    Species P. germanica
    Species P. gertrudae
    Species P. glacialis
    Species P. glareola
    Species P. gracilis
    Species P. grassei
    Species P. guarani
    Species P. gundlakamma
    Species P. guyanensis
    Species P. hecate
    Species P. hinumaensis
    Species P. hurdi
    Species P. husmanni
    Species P. icoaraci
    Species P. incerta
    Species P. inferna
    Species P. irenae
    Species P. italica
    Species P. jane
    Species P. japonica
    Species P. jeanelli
    Species P. jeannineae
    Species P. jujuyensis
    Species P. kabyla
    Species P. kabyloides
    Species P. karamani
    Species P. kimberleyensis
    Species P. kimi
    Species P. koreana
    Species P. kotumsarensis
    Species P. kubitzkii
    Species P. latisetosus
    Species P. leeuweni
    Species P. longicaudis
    Species P. longipoda
    Species P. lusitanica
    Species P. macaco
    Species P. mahanadi
    Species P. mangini
    Species P. marlieri
    Species P. mateusi
    Species P. matopoica
    Species P. membranacea
    Species P. minuta
    Species P. minutissima
    Species P. mirabilis
    Species P. moravica
    Species P. muvattupuzha
    Species P. nana
    Species P. narentina
    Species P. nertensis
    Species P. nicolasi
    Species P. nigerianus
    Species P. nipponensis
    Species P. nomiae
    Species P. novaki
    Species P. ondali
    Species P. paraensis
    Species P. paraguayensis
    Species P. pauliani
    Species P. persephone
    Species P. phyllophora
    Species P. pluto
    Species P. psammica
    Species P. pusillus
    Species P. ranae
    Species P. rascana
    Species P. reidae
    Species P. roettgeri
    Species P. ruffoi
    Species P. santaremensis
    Species P. sardoa
    Species P. savita
    Species P. serbica
    Species P. silvana
    Species P. similis
    Species P. singhalensis
    Species P. spinicauda
    Species P. spinipes
    Species P. spinosa
    Species P. staheli
    Species P. stammeri
    Species P. subterranea
    Species P. surinamensis
    Species P. sutlej
    Species P. tapajosensis
    Species P. tenuis
    Species P. tetracantha
    Species P. texana
    Species P. toeroekae
    Species P. tridentata
    Species P. triphyda
    Species P. trisetosa
    Species P. tumida
    Species P. tyrrhenidis
    Species P. uncinatus
    Species P. vandeli
    Species P. vicesima
    Species P. xyrophora

Taxon Information

The Genus Parastenocaris has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from Wisconsin.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Parastenocaris, "A large, nearly cosmopolitan group, predominantly in freshwaters; requires revision" (Reid & Williamson, 2010).
  • Parastenocaris, a large, worldwide genus; usually found in interstitial and subterranean waters [North America] (Smith, 2001).
  • Parastenocaris, "Fresh water" (Wilson & Yeatman, 1959).


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