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  Order Spionida

Family Spionidae

    Genus Marenzelleria -- North America.
    Genus Amphipolydora
    Genus Anaspio
    Genus Aonidella
    Genus Aonides
    Genus Aonis
    Genus Aonopsis
    Genus Apoprionospio
    Genus Aquilaspio
    Genus Aricideopsis
    Genus Atherospio
    Genus Aurospio
    Genus Australospio
    Genus Boccardia
    Genus Boccardiella
    Genus Carazziella
    Genus Cheironotus
    Genus Colobranchus
    Genus Ctenospio
    Genus Diplotis
    Genus Dipolydora
    Genus Dispio
    Genus Euspio
    Genus Gisela
    Genus Hekaterobranchus
    Genus Kinbergella
    Genus Laonice
    Genus Laubierellus
    Genus Leipoceras
    Genus Leucodore
    Genus Lidaspio
    Genus Lindaspio
    Genus Malacoceros
    Genus Mandane
    Genus Mesospio
    Genus Microspio
    Genus Morants
    Genus Neopygospio
    Genus Nerine
    Genus Nerinides
    Genus Nerinopsis
    Genus Orthoprionospio
    Genus Paraboccardia
    Genus Paraprionospio
    Genus Paraspio
    Genus Pasithoe
    Genus Perialla
    Genus Periptyches
    Genus Polybranchia
    Genus Polydora
    Genus Polydorella
    Genus Prionospio
    Genus Pseudatherospio
    Genus Pseudomalacoceros
    Genus Pseudonerine
    Genus Pseudopolydora
    Genus Pteriptyches
    Genus Pygophyllum
    Genus Pygospio
    Genus Pygospiopsis
    Genus Rhynchospio
    Genus Scolecolepides
    Genus Scolelepis
    Genus Scolepis
    Genus Spio
    Genus Spione
    Genus Spionereis
    Genus Spionides
    Genus Spiophanes
    Genus Streblospio
    Genus Tripolydora
    Genus Xanadros

Taxon Information

The Family Spionidae has been reported (or is assumed) to occur in fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Spionidae, [Palearctic, Nearctic, Neotropical, Oriental, Australasian; 17 species in 11 genera worldwide, 4 Nearctic species in 3 genera] (Glasby & Timm, 2008).
  • Spionidae, 1 species along the eastern coast [North America] (Smith, 2001).


  • Glasby, C.J. & T. Timm. 2008. Global diversity of polychaetes (Polychaeta; Annelida) in freshwater. Hydrobiologia 595: 107-115. [Available online]
  • Smith, D.G. 2001. Annelida (Polychaetes, Aeolosomatidae, aquatic oligochaetes, Branchiobdellida, leeches). Pennak's Freshwater Invertebrates of the United States, 4th edition: 269-325.

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