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  Family Succineidae

Genus Succinea

    Species S. avara -- midwestern North America.
    Species S. ovalis -- midwestern North America.
    Species S. angustior
    Species S. approximans
    Species S. arangoi
    Species S. archeyi
    Species S. aurea
    Species S. barberi
    Species S. brevis
    Species S. californica
    Species S. campestris
    Species S. chittenangoensis
    Species S. costaricana
    Species S. floridana
    Species S. forsheyi
    Species S. fulgens
    Species S. gabbi
    Species S. greeri
    Species S. grosvenori
    Species S. gundlachi
    Species S. indiana
    Species S. luteola
    Species S. macta
    Species S. nobilis
    Species S. ochracina
    Species S. oregonensis
    Species S. paralia
    Species S. pennsylvanica
    Species S. philippinica
    Species S. piratarum
    Species S. pseudavara
    Species S. putris
    Species S. quadrasi
    Species S. rusticana
    Species S. sagra
    Species S. sanctaehelenae
    Species S. solastra
    Species S. strigata
    Species S. tenella
    Species S. tenuis
    Species S. unicolor
    Species S. urbana
    Species S. vaginacontorta
    Species S. wilsoni

Taxon Information

The Genus Succinea is not recorded from fresh waters. This taxon has been reported from midwestern states of North America.

(These statements were generated automatically from the WInvertebrates database.)

Literature Records

  • Succinea, [North Central United States] (Underhill et al., 1982).


  • Underhill, J.C., W.D. Schmid & D.E. Gilbertson. 1982. Taxonomic Keys to the Common Animals of the North Central States, exclusive of the parasitic worms, terrestrial insects, and birds, 4th edition. 205 pp.

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